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Henes Broon F830 12v Car with Tablet PC

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Product Description

Henes Broon F830 12v Car with Tablet PC 

The Ultimate Toy of Wonders
most advanced kids car on the market
baroon f380 kids car
The sophisticated design, state of the art mechanism, the maximum level of safety, and the smartest technology, Broon F830 battery power kids car certainly deserves to be entitled the ultimate toy of wonders. Every aspect of Broon perfectly displays the identity of a real car. Not just a car, it is a super car for your kids.
If you are looking for the most advanced kids car on the market please read on.
There is simply no other car on the market today that can give your child the level of excitement, comfort, safety, and realistic feel of "driving" which only the HENES Broon Series brings.

broon kids car three colors white black red
Broon F30 Kids Ride On Super Car comes in three colors. Arctic White. Genius Red and Chrystal Black. The engineering plastic, PC and PPS makes possible the sophisticated looks and extra durable external and internal parts of Broon. The natural shine on the surface of Broon never fades.
Tablet PC & Touch Pad
broon car display
Dash Display
The Henes Broon F830 dash display is a detachable 7" PC Tablet with an Android operating system. When this display is "snapped" into the dash of the car and switched to car mode it shows travel speed, how far to destination, battery charge level, electronics temperatures, real time voltage meter and many other capabilities. You can adjust the cars systems, fine tune adjustments and perform several diagnostic tests on the cars various systems. With a wireless connection available this tablet pc is fully Internet capable. There are 1000's of free apps through Goggle play store to download and enjoy. Your child can watch cartoons, movies, or educational programs on YouTube or other video providers for free.
The instrumental panel is selectable between Android OS Tablet PC or touch pad panel. Both panels perfectly control all the functions of Broon kids car in the easiest manner.

7 inch tablet pc
broon kids car with 7 inch tablet pc
The 3rd generation BROON with 7 inch tablet pc with android OS opens a whole new world for our children. The vast amount of content on Goggle Play Store are accessible at your finger tips. With a Wi-fi connection available, you can download all kinds of apps on the device, which will allow Broon to become an advanced education center, an arcade, and a movie theater by accessing thousands of clips on Youtube. It is unquestionable that Broon will become the most favorite place for your child to be.

Driving Simulation and Game mode
The 3rd generation BROON provides driving simulation mode with traffic safety education guides Kids can have a simulated driving experience of an actual motor vehicle and learn to drive.

HDMI Connector
broon kids car connects to big screen
With the HDMI cable connector, users can connect the Broon F830 instrument panel to an external screen to enjoy multimedia and games through bigger screens, TV's, or beam projectors.

Individual Suspension with Gas Shock Absorber & Coil Spring on All 4 wheels
Broon kids car suspension is just like a full size car
Broon is equipped with individual suspension on all wheels. The suspensions have upper and lower arm structure, which firmly supports the wheels. The gas shock absorbers prevent vibration stemming from the springs, thus providing the smoothest driving even on rough surfaces. It will be the most comfortable ride your child can ever experience.

Real-time Driving Terrain Detection
broon kids car terrain detection
Broon actively detects the condition of the road and environment, and automatically makes adjustments in PWM output which either reduces or increase the speed of the vehicle to ensure safety at all times. Moreover, the hall sensor(F810, F830) or encoder(F850, F870) integrated in the motor accurately detects the RPM of the motor, and if the rate is determined to be abnormal, the vehicle automatically shuts down and signals the user with the details of the problem.

A Ride That Will Tingle All Your Senses
advanced parts for Broon f830 kids car
Broon is equipped with the most advanced auto parts not seen in any other toy battery power cars. In fact, you will never see most of the components of Broon in any other products in the future. Just Broon, and Broon only is equipped with the technology to mesmerize all the senses with its sensuous driving and control. Its highly sensitive and accurate steering, acceleration, and braking are just mind blowing.

Wheel Revolution Counter
broon car stability
When the vehicle turns, Broon detects the revolution rate of individual wheels, and makes adjustments of the rev rate based on the turn angle or the size of curve.

Spoke Wheels & Urethane Foam Tires
kids car like a big car
Unlike the toy wheels used on most kids` vehicles, Broon’s wheel structure is similar to that on an actual motor vehicle. The spoke wheels, which are lighter, more agile, and durable, are connected to the suspension and steering link via wheel fastener. Internally, large bearings are used on each wheel, allowing it to rotate smoothly. In addition, a dense urethane foam tire is used, minimizing vibration and noise from the road while vastly improving traction and over all performance.

 Multi-link Steering System
steering system on the 3rd generation broon kids battery power car
The steering system on the 3rd generation BROON is completely inter-linked with the suspension. Thus, it can move very precisely and systematically to the right and left & up and down without fail just like an actual motor vehicle. In addition, the central axis of the steering is located at the center of the wheel, enabling much more improved steering performance as the wheels are turning to the left and the right on the central axis unlike other ride on toys which wheels are moving back and forth when turning.

Perfect Protection
saftey broon car image
Henes is committed to the safety and protection of  both the child and the vehicle as well as others on the road. Each model Henes features an array of driver aids designed to assist in safer driving and maneuvering. In fact, the company has pioneered many safety systems that are not commonly used with other competing brands. It is a dedication to safety that is ongoing and can be found in many of the features on the Broon series.

Active Driving Safety System
The Broon series’ main CPU is integrated with 6 sensors detecting its electric current, voltage, rev count, direction, and internal temperature. Broon uses the data collected from the sensors to actively detect unusual activities of the vehicle and respond with adequate measures. The cases of unusual activities are when the vehicle is running in stiff hills, when over-current or over-voltage is detected, or when the vehicle detects over-weight. In response to the unusual activities, Broon decides whether to activate emergency stop or shut down of the system, and give voice instruction to take appropriate actions such as rest the vehicle for some time or move the vehicle to a safer place.

Electronic Accelerator and Brake Pedal
Electronic accelerator and brake pedal can detect the amount of pressure onto the pedal in 120 levels which allow highly precise control of the vehicle. Along with the advanced pedal, the Cortex M3 32bit main control system electronically receives the variable data from the pedal to electronically control the acceleration and braking precisely. By using this technology, the driver can adjust the acceleration and braking response sensitivity by changing the driving modes, thereby making it possible to enjoy both smooth and dynamic driving . The pedals can also be used as an input device for playing games and other functionality.

Emergency Warning System
kids car at river
When the Broon Car detects any sign of malfunctions, it makes sure to let you know about it. Users can acknowledge the current status of the vehicle timely to ensure maximum safety of your child, and it also makes it convenient to fix the problem efficiently. The messages indicate specific problem Broon is experiencing.
Self-diagnosis System
Broon830 battery power kids car is equipped with Self-diagnosis System, so when the vehicle seems to be malfunctioning, users can simply run the self diagnosis to accurately detect the problem causing the malfunction. If the problem is not detected through the self diagnosis, user can run the manual checkup using the precise diagnosis mode which gives the user the voice instructions of how to check all of Broon’s components.
Leather Bucket Seat
broon car seat
Broon is equipped with ergonomically designed leather bucket seat. This leather seat with refined stitches makes the car more sophisticated and sensuous. The ergonomic design of the bucket seat, which is similar to those of actual motor vehicles, provides maximum comfort while maintaining a good posture to ensure safety.This leather seat can also be removed from the body of the car by simply using the one-touch button. The ordinary ride-on car toys have seats that are angled almost vertical which is very uncomfortable and not as safe. Through research Henes/Broon engineers have structured the seat in the F830 in the most ergonomically optimal fashion.
Broon F8 4-point Seat belt
In case of any emergency situations such as possible collisions or physical impact, the Broon F830 comes equipped with a 4-point seat belt which increases the safety of the driver significantly more than the ordinary 2-point seat belt.

The Most Optimal Seat Position
not an ordinary toy ride-on car
With all of the fun and entertainment your child will have in the Broon F830 they will be spending a lot of time in the seat. To provide your child with the most comfort and safety the engineers at Henes/Broon did their research and built a new seat with the most ergonomically correct angles.
This leather seat will hug your child almost as tight as you do.
The ordinary ride-on car toys have seats that are angled almost vertical which is not only uncomfortable but not as safe and do not promote proper posture. Through research, this seat has been structured  in the most ergonomic fashion.
Smart Battery Management System
batteries for this power kids ride on car
Broon’s advanced BMS (Battery Management System) accumulates driving data, driving patterns, battery charging history, battery consumption rate, and accurately calculates the battery level and remaining running distance. The figures are displayed on screen and it is also guided through audio.
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Wireless Controller equipped with Ratio Control Function

wire less remote for f830
Parent can drive the car for the child with this remote controller
The remote controller of Broon is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology. The connection established using this method is very stable and it has significantly lower rate of interference and malfunctions.

What is Ratio Control Method?
The Ratio Control function uses 2.4 Ghz frequency to establish two-way communication line between Broon and the controller which effectively prevents frequency interferences and the possible consequent malfunctions. It collects the real-time steering system data, which determines the accurate direction of the vehicle and as you turn the steering knob, the applied turn angles is precisely applied to the vehicle. It is also applied to acceleration trigger. The level of acceleration can be controlled by the amount of pull that is applied to the trigger. It gives you full acceleration if you pull the trigger all the way and it accurately adjusts its speed just as the amount of pull you give to the trigger.
Controller Remote Vibration and Stop Function
If the vehicle gets too far from the remote control and goes out of range, Bluetooth Remote Control vibrates to warn the user, and if the connection is lost, the vehicle automatically stops immediately.

Broon, A Class of Its Own
broon best kids car
The sophisticated design, state of the art mechanism, the maximum level of safety, and the smartest technology, Broon certainly deserves to be entitled the ultimate toy of wonders. Every aspect of Broon perfectly displays the identity of a real car. Not just a car, it is a super car for your kids.

broon battery power kids car pose 3
It is Broon's passion to provide the most safe environment to our children while preserving all of the fun factors of driving a vehicle. Broon was able to develop just the system to provide the most safe and fun driving experience. Implementing the latest technology and implicating the most realistic auto parts, such as the gear box, electronic disc brakes, urethane foam tires, or the ability to employ Android OS as Broon`s infotainment system, Henes firmly stands at the forefront of all competition.
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Watch a 5 min. video about the incredible Henes/Broon F830 Kids Car

For even more information about the amazing Broon Kids Battery Power Car and it's options, features and specifications
Broon F830 Product Manual
41 page owners manual 36.7 mb pdf

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Variable Smooth Speeds Up to 5 MPH + Selectable Driving Modes with Reverse
Can be driven by child with the steering wheel or with remote by an adult 
Bright Headlight / Aux Light / Turn Signal Light / Tail/Brake/Back Up Lights 
Working doors, hood, and trunk (all in polycarbonate material)
Stereo Speakers Built In 
High Density Urethane Tires 
Spring Suspension & Shock Absorbers 
Leather Bucket Seat & Seat Belt 
Variable Foot Pedal (Accelerator & Brake)
Auto / Manual Braking 
Upgraded With 7" Android Tablet PC Smart System 
Perfect For 1.5 to 5 Years Of Age Up To 66 Lbs. 
Comes mostly assembled - just need to mount the wheels

Age Recommendation: 1.5 - 3 years old (RC Mode)
Age Recommendation: 3 - 5 years old (Manual Driving Mode)
Child Max Size: View picture showing seating dimensions
Rechargeable 12V 14Ah Battery Pack 
Bluetooth 2.4 GHz Remote Control
7 inch Android Tablet PC with WiFi and MP3
Independent Gas Shock Absorber Suspension Independent
Two 12 Volt Batteries for Continuous 2 hours of Driving
Leather Bucket Seat and Urethane Tires
Variable Electronic Speed Control & Steering
Completely modularized Part
Dual 12V/24V 15,000RPM 5 Series DC Motor
5 level Speed Control Mode
3 driving modes
120 phase angle detection
Electronic Multi-link Steering System
Electronic Ratio Control System
Smart Safety Driving System
High Density Urethane Tires
Electronic Braking System
Touch Pad Control
4 point seat belt
Sliding Dock Dashboard
Battery Pack System
Driving Information System
Voice, Visual Guidance System
Self-Diagnosis System
1 Year Parts Warranty

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